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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Snow Pics

It has been a great Monday!! If you've read previous posts or my books, you know that Mondays and I are not the best of friends. At any rate, here are the pics I promised, along with a handy, dandy tip to help make your next snow removal endeavor much easier. A little effort equals a big reward. Prepare now and reap the benefits later; it's a win-win situation.

The Paths of Least Resistance

The Method
Here's the method to my madness. I love the snow, as I mentioned above and I even enjoy shoveling it after-to a point. To save time and my back-I invest in a little effort before the snow starts (it saves money and energy too). I've purchased a few yards (about 20) of the heavy-duty plastic runner (you know the type that some people use to cover their carpet in heavy traffic areas) and at the mention of snow, I spring into action. I cover the iron and concrete stairs and walkway (inside our property) with the plastic and I use bricks to weigh it down. I usually only cover one side because the plastic is only a couple of feet wide. Yes, I could purchase double and cover both sides, but for me, one clear side suffices. Next, I hang signs to let visitors know to walk on the "safe" side (after all, I don't want anyone injured). Then, I sit back and wait for the snow.

This time we got a little over five inches, which is a blizzard for those of us in DC. I have my niece Diamond to thank for the artwork on my red measuring ruler. Anyway, after the snow has blanketed everything and I've uttered my "ooh" and "aah" at the splendid beauty, I swing into action. Instead of having to shovel and sweep the stairs and walkway, I simply pull up the plastic (being careful not to allow the snow to fall everywhere) and presto-I'm done. Well, I'm done with those areas because I can't cover the bricks in front of my house-safety issues, you know. Can't have anyone falling (and suing).

Ugly, but Effective
This is a picture of the plastic as I've started to pull it up. I'm almost half done at this point. You can see the bricks I used to weigh it down, to the right. It's not a pretty sight, thus the name of the picture, but it's effective.

Time Saved
This is a picture of the stairs after I've pulled the plastic runner completely off (notice my sign on the left). I've posted it as a close-up so that you can see it clearly. Oh, for that I simply printed it and put in in a plastic zip top bag to protect it from the elements. The signs and the plastic are both reusable and recyclable. Go green!!

My Girls
These are "My Girls"; my shovels that help make the job as easy as shoveling can possibly be. You have to have the proper tools.

Footprints in the Snow
Now, the sidewalk must be conquered!! The trick to easy snow removal is to get to it as soon as the snow stops falling. Some like to shovel multiple times to "keep up", but to me, that's to much effort, especially for a "DC Blizzard" of five inches, but do what works best for you.

The Red Bricks-I Can See Them!!
I love this after picture-success. "My girls" and I are proud of our effort.

What a day!! Now it's time to rest. Whew!! I worked hard, but not as hard as I would have had to without the plastic. I also had fun, which is one of the purposes of snow!!

Dr. D. Clutter™


Tammy in NC said...

You've got it going on and I'm stealing your idea, for the next time the weatherman is calling for snow. You and the girls did a good job and the pictures were nice. I enjoyed the story. You are good writer. I'm looking forward to seeing a book on the stands with your picture on it. I've enjoyed reading your blog pages.

Dr. D. Clutter™ said...

Tammy, I'm glad you enjoyed the idea, posts and pics. Let me know how it works for you after the next snow!!

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